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CrossFit group class

CrossFit is an all-inclusive strength and conditioning program where we combine three elements to make you as fit as possible: cardio, training with external weights, and training with your own body weight. Our program is varied, in a small group, and under professional and personal guidance. Oh, and very fun!


In Strongman classes, we mainly work with odd objects such as slam balls, sleds, tires, and other external weights. It is a training where we focus on raw strength, often at lower intensity than in CrossFit classes and usually with less technically difficult movements. Strongman training will make you extremely strong. Strong women are also welcome!

Image of a man performing a tire flip deadlift exercise during a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Palms gym, with gym equipment and other participants in the background.

CrossFit Light (Basics)

Our foundation classes are specifically designed for those who like to start with the basics and technique. This class always consists of a warm-up, a technique block, and a workout. During these classes, we focus on the technique of the foundational movements. Suitable for everyone, but especially for beginners, new to CrossFit, haven’t exercised in a long time, etc.

Pre- & Postnatal training

Are you pregnant or a (recent) mom? Then our Mama (to be) classes are specially designed for you! Here you can safely train in a small group under the guidance of a coach trained by PowerMama. This way you can keep exercising during your pregnancy or get back in shape after giving birth.

Image of a woman and a men stretching and on the background you can see why crossfit palms has the most unique crossfit location of bonaire.

Physio screening

At CrossFit Palms, we stand for health and that is why we offer our members a free physio screening with our CrossFit trainer and physiotherapist, Kelly Mettes. Aches and (chronic) injuries are unfortunately sometimes unavoidable in our daily lives and/or training.

Personal training

Personal training is for anyone who prefers to work out privately. This can be done 1-on-1, with a partner, or in a small group. It can be done regularly, for a certain period, or during your vacation. The personal training is always fully tailored to your personal needs, taking into account your wishes, possible injuries, or other limitations and is highly effective.

Image of a man and a women working out on an assult bike outdoor on bonaire.
Image of a man doing a handstand walk exercise during a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Palms gym, with other participant helping him.


Our CrossFit Gymnastics classes are actually CrossFit classes, but without weights. We focus entirely on movements with our own body weight, a super fun and often accessible way to get fit. The lesson always consists of a warm-up, technique or strength block and a workout.


The Weightlifting class focuses on the barbell. We dive deeper into, among other things, the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean & jerk), but you will also find the squat, deadlift, and press in these classes. A training focused on technique and strength. Suitable for all levels.
Image of a woman doing a box jump over exercise during a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Palms gym, with other participants and gym equipment in the background.

Open gym

Are you following your own (CrossFit) program? Do you want to do your own functional training? You can do this during our open gym hours. You can find the times on the schedule, and in consultation with the coach, there is space and equipment available for you to train freely.