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Physio screening

What is a physio screening?

At CrossFit Palms, we stand for health, and that’s why we offer our members a free physical therapy screening by our CrossFit trainer and physiotherapist, Stefan Pitstra. Unfortunately, aches and (chronic) injuries are sometimes unavoidable in our daily lives and/or training.

Does CrossFit cause injuries?

CrossFit is a challenging and intensive sport that demands a lot from the body. It’s therefore not surprising that people wonder whether CrossFit is injury-prone. During the CrossFit physio screening session, participants are screened for injuries and weak spots in their body to prevent injuries. In the class, we delve deeper into the importance of physio screening and preventing injuries while practicing CrossFit.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that every sport can be injury-prone, whether it’s football, tennis or CrossFit. The difference with CrossFit is that this sport is more challenging and demands more from the body. However, CrossFit is not necessarily more dangerous than other sports, as long as it’s practiced correctly.


Our very experienced coaches therefore work closely with our physio Kelly to be able to guide our participants as best as possible during CrossFit and together we ensure that you can continue to exercise (adapted) even with an injury.

What can you expect of this screening?

A good way to prevent injuries is to undergo a physio screening before starting CrossFit or when you notice that something in your body is bothering you or continues to bother you. During the physio screening, participants are screened for weak spots in the body and any existing pains and injuries. Based on the results of the screening, Kelly can inform the rest of the coaches which exercises are or are not suitable for the participant.

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