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Stay fit during your holiday on bonaire

On Bonaire, it’s all about enjoying the beautiful weather. Take a break from the daily routine, relax and enjoy. But what happens to your fitness when you go on vacation? Often, exercise and healthy eating take a backseat. And that’s a shame because after your vacation, you want to be able to get back into shape. Fortunately, there’s CrossFit Palms. In all of our classes, you can stay fit during your vacation, including during this strongman class.

What is Strongman?

The Strongman class is a training focused on raw strength. The special thing about this lesson is that you do not use traditional fitness equipment, but mainly odd objects. Think of materials such as heavy balls, tree trunks and car tires. You move these objects over a certain distance, do squats with a sandbag and work on your grip strength with the farmer’s walk.


The biggest advantage of the Strongman class is that relatively few very technical exercises are done, such as in the CrossFit classes. The Strongman class is suitable to do with several people in a small group of maximum 8 participants. This makes it the perfect activity to do with a friend, your partner or family. Work together with the sandbag or move the car seat together over a certain distance. In this way you not only work on your own fitness, but the community element at Strongman is what makes it even more fun, for example during your holiday.

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