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Personal training is for anyone who prefers to work out privately. This can be done 1-on-1, 2-on-1, or in a small group. It can be done on a routine basis, for a specific period, or during your vacation. Personal training is always completely tailored to your personal needs, taking into account your wishes, possible injuries or other limitations, and is very effective.

Why Personal training?

Looking for professional personal training on Bonaire? At CrossFit Palms you are at the right place. Our personal training is one of the best ways to take yourself to the next level. Whether you are new to sports or have been training for years, our personal trainers will help you achieve your personal goals.

Personal training is a great way to achieve your personal goals. In contrast to group lessons, during personal training you have the full attention of one of our qualified trainers. This means that your training is tailor-made and that the focus is completely on you and your goals.

What can you expect?

Our trainers are certified and have years of experience coaching people of all levels and ages. They understand that everyone is different and therefore have a personal-made training plan for everyone.

Our personal training sessions last one hour and start with a short warm-up. This is followed by the training in which we use various techniques, including external weights, your own body and high-intensity training. Our trainers keep a close eye on whether you are performing the exercises correctly and will correct where necessary.

After the training you will receive feedback from the trainer and tips to improve yourself. These sessions are also a great way to ask questions about nutrition and recovery, and get advice on how to improve your training outside of the gym.

Wanna start?

If you are looking for personal training on Bonaire, it is definitely worth contacting us for a free intake with one of our personal trainers.


Meet our personal trainers at CrossFit Palms on Bonaire

Image of vera, a female coach and owner of CrossFit Palms gym bonaire.

Vera Potharst

Owner & Head Coach

Image of Stefan, a male coach and physio of CrossFit Palms gym bonaire.

Stefan Pitstra

Coach & Physio

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