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CrossFit for beginners: A guide to Start your fitness journey

Do you want to start exercising (again), but don’t know where to begin? Then a CrossFit Light class might be the perfect choice for you! Our basic lessons are specifically for those who like to start with the basics and technique. This lesson is always consist of a warm-up, a technique block and a workout. During these lessons we focus on the technique of the fundamental movements. Suitable for everyone, but especially for beginners, new to CrossFit, don’t workout for a long time or never, etc.

What is CrossFit LIGHT?

CrossFit Light is exactly what it says. CrossFit but then lighter. Maybe you’re wondering ‘How do I start getting fit?’ as a beginner because you’ve never done CrossFit before, haven’t worked out for a long time and / or would like to get started with the basics? Then this is your lesson!

Why CrossFit Light

How do I start getting fit is a question we often hear. We can answer it very simply for you, just show up. We take you along for 60 minutes and before you know it the lesson is over and you have taken your first step. Oh and don’t forget, you’re gonna have fun.

What does a CrossFit LIGHT class look like?

The class always consists of a warm-up, a technique part and a workout. You work in a small group, so you receive a lot of personal coaching from one of our certified and experienced coaches.

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