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Crossfit on bonaire

Also on Bonaire we do CrossFit! And at what a place… Due to the climate on Bonaire, we can train outdoors all year round at one of the most unique CrossFit locations in the world, an abandoned hotel. During the workout, you have a view of the sea and can enjoy passing flamingos or dolphins.

What is Crossfit?

The CrossFit definition is ‘constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity’. In simpler terms, this means that no class is the same, we only train with external objects or our own body weight (so no gym machines), and it’s usually done at a high intensity. We combine strength and conditioning in every way possible to make you as fit as possible and therefore ready for life!

What to expect?

A CrossFit class always consists of a warm-up, a strength/technique component, and a workout. The programming is always varied, making you all-around fit. We don’t just train strength and conditioning, but also our mobility, explosiveness, balance, and coordination, with the goal of health and longevity, or being fit for life.

Our personal coaching

All training sessions are always under the professional guidance of certified coaches, and our CrossFit box is led and coached by a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer with a decade of experience, so you’re in good hands with us. The great thing about CrossFit is that due to its concept and the right coaching approach, anyone can participate regardless of their level. CrossFit is very easy and safe to adapt.

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